How many of you remember bed-time stories narrated by your grandmother or mother? Or a story read out to you by your school teacher in kindergarten? If you remember, then you are one of the fortunate few who had someone to tell them a story or read out a fairy tale at bed-time.

There are countless homeless children living on the streets who cannot read or write and do not have educated parents to tell them short stories with a moral lesson or a fairy tale to trigger their imagination. 'Sun Suna - A DraftCraft Solution' campaign offers a simple solution to this big problem through ‘Tell-A-Tale’ sessions where 'DraftCraft Didis' read out interesting and inspiring stories to these children. A story can go a long way in shaping young minds and these underprivileged children should not be deprived of the joys of having a story read out to them.

Most of us seek out our parents and grandparents for advice on matters as small as a home remedy for cold to life-altering decisions. The elderly are a trove of knowledge, experience and advice. Unfortunately, they are ignored by their family, the youth, society and the state machinery alike. DraftCraft’sSun Suna’ campaign aims to draw upon this wealth of knowledge through ‘Hear-A-Tale’ sessions where 'DraftCraft Dadis' elderly share their stories and experiences to inspire and motivate the youth in ‘Being the Change’.

If you wish to be a part of this campaign, to read out stories to the homeless young or to participate in story hearing sessions by the elderly, email us at beingthechange@draftcraft.in or call us at 08080441593.

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