'Sun Suna' campaign is handled by a vibrant team of dedicated volunteers who contribute their time, energy and skills to further the campaign. The team shares a personal connect with the campaign and within themselves. The only qualification to be a part of the volunteer team is the will and intent to 'Being The Change'. DraftCraft welcomes volunteers from all walks of life transcending barriers of age, education, experience and location. At DraftCraft you could find your perfect calling.

The team of volunteers is an extended family that works hard and parties harder.. together! The team also gets to travel at other project locations such as Goa (DraftCraft's Goa Studio) and other exotic places around the country.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to be a part of Team DraftCraft that will offer you a lifetime chance to hone myriad skills of writing, editing, photography, filming, team building, leadership and many more. If an issue bothers you and you feel you can pool in some time, resources or expertise for that issue but lack the direction, DraftCraft is the right place for you.

You could pitch in with ideas, time, energy and whatever means available to further a cause. As a volunteer, you could participate in regular workshops and talks on campaigns, work with teams to generate media by way of articles, documentaries, longer films and shoot photographs for regular exhibitions and shows for the authorities and the media, and initiate projects of your own through DraftCraft.

So... what are you waiting for??? Just send in an email with complete contact details to beingthechange@draftcraft.in or call us at 08080441593.